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How to Make: A Tomato Rose

Tomato roses or tomato flowers are mainly used for the purpose of beautification. It adds a different aspect and makes your dish have a better appeal. 🙂 Making it isn’t difficult at all, all you need is a very sharp knife and little patience of course! Fruit carving/ vegetable carving is an art worth your time and effort.

The size and shape of the rose will depend on the size and shape of the tomato. I like to take a nice round, red plum tomato but you can also use Roma tomatoes for this.


Start by removing the top but not fully cutting it off and when you reach the end, start removing the skin as a long strip little by little by turning the tomato.


Keep turning and getting only the skin off just like a ribbon till you reach the end of the tomato. (It is just like peeling an apple with the knife.) Do not rush and turn slowly because if it breaks, you will not be able to produce a flower. Once you get a thin long ribbon like strip of tomato skin, cut off the head. 

tomato flower

Start rolling the tomato ribbon from one end with the help of the natural curve. It may be a little slippery many a times. After rolling, place it on the serving plate and tuck the end. Sometimes when you place the flower, it may look like a tube without the proper shape when you place it on the surface. In that case, you will have to slide a big knife or a flat spatula and turn it to the other side and you will get a beautiful flower. 🙂

Place the flower on the serving plate along with a few mint leaves, coriander leaves or even parsley leaves to make it look nice. 



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