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How To Make: Hazelnut Praline

Hazelnut praline is something which I adore. I love to use it as a decoration for cakes, pastries and it is a great snack as well. 😉 I wanted to post this long time ago but didn’t seem to find the time to post.

There are a few things that need to be noted while making it,

  • Never stir it with a spoon, the sugar will instantly crystallize, become rock solid and getting it off is a real task. 
  • You have to gently swirl the pan in a circular motion to make sure it melts evenly. I always make it in a non-stick pan.
  • Be very careful while shaking the pan it because the sugar will be extremely hot and can cause burns.
  • Do not use a parchment paper/butter paper to line the tray and pour the praline over it because, you will end up with the paper stuck to it and it cannot be removed (I use a metal baking tray).
  • Greasing is very important, it will making sure the praline comes off easily. 
  • Also be careful while breaking the praline into shards, the shards can be sharp. (I sometimes use a rolling pin. It is a stress buster. 😛 )



  • Sugar- 1 cup
  • Hazelnuts- 1/2 cup 


Roughly chop the hazelnuts in half. Grease a baking tray with oil or cooking spray. Evenly spread the sugar in a deep non stick pan. Keep over a medium heat and allow the sugar to melt. Swirl the pan occasionally. Once the sugar has melted, reduce the flame to the lowest possible and allow to become a deep caramel/ amber colour. I like my caramel to be on the bitter side so I leave it for longer. But make sure you don’t leave it for too long as it can burn immediately. Keep swirling the pan in a circular motion (Be careful while moving it).

Praline step 1

Once it becomes deep golden/ amber colour, add the chopped hazelnuts and swirl the pan so that each of the hazelnut is coated. Carefully pour the praline mixture onto the greased tray and with the back of the spoon gently pat it down. Allow it to cool for 30 minutes. A good way to clean your pan is to fill about quarter of the pan with water and boil it in high heat. The caramel stuck easily comes off that way and saves the time spent on washing the sticky vessel.

praline step 2

After 30 minutes, you can lift it and break it into shards or just use a rolling pin to smash it into pieces. Air bubbles are quite common so no need to worry about that. 🙂

Store in air tight containers. (Best within 2-3 days).



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