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Product Review: Eastern’s Ready to cook Methi Mutter Malai

I got this offer to review the products of Eastern Condiments which is one of India’s leading Spice companies. I got quite a few products to review and I chose Methi mutter malai first because I have a soft corner for this dish. I have had it ample number of times at restaurants and at home.  Methi malai mutter is a very rich gravy made with cream/ malai in which methi plays the dominant flavour. It is a very mild and subtle dish which is not overly spiced.

Methi has a little bitter taste which is why the peas were added so that the sweetness of the peas gives a good contrast to the dish. The dish is clearly not low on calories because the main ingredient is rich cream. 

Here is a picture of Eastern’s Ready to cook: Methi Mutter Malai. No editing on colour of the dish has been done.


The review is as follows-

I have reviewed this product based on the aroma, taste, colour, texture and feel of the dish. I have rated the different aspects of the dish out of 10 for better understanding and convenience.

1)  Aroma– The dish on cooking releases a very distinct smell of methi and the peas simmering in the gravy. Aroma is a key point when it comes to flavour testing and this was up to the mark. I’d give it a 8.4 out of 10.

2)  Taste– The taste on the whole was pretty good. The gravy was subtle which is something I really like. Having said that, it still needed a generous amount of salt and 1-2 small slit chilies to be added to balance the dish. This is not mentioned in the packet’s instructions and I would always advice tasting the dish for salt and spice. But do not add too many chillies as it would ruin the mildness of the dish. The sweetness of the peas complimented the slightly bitter methi. Apart from a few flaws in the seasoning of the dish, it was good and ticked the right boxes in terms of other flavours. 

The reason I suggested the addition of chilli is because,the gravy will tend to lose the potential to be the dominant flavour when compared to the earthy flavour of wheat roti or starchy rice or any other accompaniment. Since it is a very mild dish, the accompaniments may tend to overpower it and the flavour of the gravy will be totally lost. It would be a better option for the company to add the words “Season the dish with salt as per your liking” and “Fry 1-2 slit chilies along with the peas” in the instructions given at the back of the packet. I’m giving the taste 7.8 out of 10.

3)  Colour– The gravy was slightly on the yellowish side, when compared to the traditional methi mutter malai which is white is colour. However, it gives a good contrast with the green peas embedded in it. The colour gets 8.2 out 10.

4)  Texture/ Feel– The gravy was creamy and it added an overall richness to the dish without making it too heavy. It was a light gravy which satisfies both health conscious people and rich food lovers. The traditional methi mutter malai has a lot of cream which makes it very heavy and high on calories. Here, there was only milk which was being added and not cups of cream. The texture gets 8.5 out of 10.

On the whole a very satisfying product. I’m not a big fan of ready to cook packets. I believe in making things from scratch but this product is very helpful when I am really hungry and I don’t have time or patience to make the gravy. It works well with roti and a dollop of butter, jeera rice or just plain rice. It is very easy to make and follow the instructions given at the back. It is quick as it needs no or very little prep work. It would be highly beneficial for people in hurry and with busy schedules.



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