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Product Review: Eastern’s ready to cook Shahi Paneer

This is the second review of the product that Eastern condiments sent me. It’s the evergreen Shahi paneer! It was and still is one of my favourite dishes. Growing up, I have had a lot of different types of shahi paneer, the common one being the white gravy. Some were good and some were bad. Here is the picture of the shahi paneer that was made using eastern’s ready to cook mix. No editing on colour has been used.


The review is as follows 

Like the previous post, I have reviewed this product based on the aroma, taste, colour, texture and feel of the dish and rated each of the aspects out of 10

1)  Aroma– The gravy had a distinct smell of earthy turmeric which was not very pleasant. Apart from that, the aroma had no issues. I am giving the aroma a 7.5 out of 10

2)  Taste– The taste was not great but it wasn’t very bad as well. The presence of excess turmeric is what put off the taste. The dish needed a generous amount of salt and it also needed spice for which I made small incisions in a few green chilies and added it to the simmering gravy. This process would ensure the dish gets the needed spice without changing colour and texture. Without the salt and chilies the dish was a bit bland. The other spices could be sensed lightly but not clearly as the turmeric masked the other spices by being predominant. The taste sadly missed the charm and gets 7 out of 10

3)  Colour– The colour varies with each person. Some add a lot of tomatoes with the seeds and juice which gives a orange colour. I usually add it without the seeds and juices when I make shahi paneer at home so that the colour remains a nice off white and I did the same here as well. While mixing the pack in milk, I could see an instant change in colour to a very deep yellow. The colour of the gravy was golden yellow. I give the colour a 7.6 out of 10

4)  Texture/ Feel– The gravy was creamy but not as creamy as the malai methi mutter. I could slightly feel the texture of spice powder in gravy. The gravy was not silky smooth but being a paneer lover, I had no issues with the other aspects. The texture gets 8 out of 10.

On the whole the product is decent. It is not the “Best Shahi Paneer ever” kind of product, it didn’t ring the “Flavour bells” in my mind. But being honest, I would say it is a “Not so great but a decent shahi paneer” But hey, I’m just being honest and a critic.  For people who don’t know how to make shahi paneer from scratch and who are not keen on investing time to make this gravy, this is a good packet.


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