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How To Make: HoneyComb

While all other people fancy pearls, diamonds and gold, I fancy honeycomb. It’s like a jewel sparkling in my jewellery box, waiting to be devoured. It’s amber colour and shine makes me go weak at the knees. 😍 


Cooking is all about the theatre and drama. A little sizzle, bubbling of sugar, caramelizing… This recipe is also very dramatic. Change in colour and the best part is when you add the baking soda. The amber colour changes to a very desirable orange colour, from syrupy to foamy and light. If this isn’t drama in a pan I don’t know what is! 😀


And why is it called honeycomb? Because the inside looks like the honeycomb of bees with all the crevices and the color also matches. Here is a picture of the internal view (rather cross section) 😛

Traditionally honeycomb is made using golden syrup but since it is not readily available, I used the closest substitute honey and it turned out really good. 


Honeycomb is actually very versatile. It is often used as a topping for cakes but my favourite way to use honeycomb is to crumble it into a good quality vanilla ice cream, give it a good mix and there you have it! A honeycomb ice cream. To be honest, I often finish half the box of ice cream by myself. It is really very delicious. It is like a butterscotch ice cream taken to the next level.  Oh it makes me drool every time I think about it! 😋



  • White Sugar- 80 grams
  • Golden syrup- 3 ½ tablespoons (Use Honey if it isn’t available)
  • Baking soda/ soda bicarbonate- 1 ¼ teaspoon (Make sure the baking soda is not old)


Grease a pan/ baking tin generously with cooking spray or any neutral oil. Add the sugar to a heavy bottom vessel. Add the golden syrup into it (use honey if golden syrup isn’t available) and mix well with a spoon. Remove the spoon and keep on a low flame. Allow the sugar to melt while swirling the pan regularly. Once the vessel is over the flame, do not mix with a spoon or spatula. Only swirl the pan in a circular motion. The mixture will start bubbling once the sugar has melted.

Honeycomb step 1

Once it starts bubbling, continuously keep swirling the pan and also keep an eye out for the colour. It will start to turn light golden and then a little dark golden. Once you get a dark golden colour/slightly amber colour take the pan off heat and turn off the stove. This is the stage where people often make mistake and keep it for too long which results in a bitter honeycomb. So make sure you keep swirling the pan and once you see the dark golden, immediately take it off the heat.

honeycomb step 2

Once you take it off the heat, quickly add the baking soda and mix it in using a spoon. The mixture will foam and turn into an orange-ish colour. Make sure you do not over mix or beat too much as it will destroy all the foam created. Briefly stirring quickly is enough. Beating too much can make the honeycomb flat. I make only 2-3 circular turns with my spoon and immediately pour it over the greased tray in the shape of a big dome and let it spread naturally. If you spread it, the honeycomb will be thin and you won’t be able to see the wonderful pores. So dump it like a dome. The moment you add it to the tray, it will start to set. Let it set. This will take about 20- 30 minutes or more depending on the humidity. The top should feel hard and when you tap it, you will hear a sound similar to a hollow sound.

Honeycomb 3

A good way to clean the sticky pot and spoon is to fill the pot upto 3/4 with water and allow it to boil while stirring occasionally. The sugar mixture will melt and result in a clean pot. 

Once the honeycomb has set, using a spatula, gently lift it and break it using your hands or a rolling pin. Mix into vanilla ice cream, use as a topping for cakes or eat it just by itself. Once you break it, store it in airtight containers because if it is kept outside for too long, it can become sticky due to the moisture. It is best eaten the same day or within 2 days. 🙂

Enjoy. 🙂



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