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Product Review: Eastern’s Chat/ Raita Masala

It has been quite some time since Eastern sent me the products to review but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to try it. Finally found the time to try out the products. The third product they sent me was a chat/ raita masala. I made quite a few dishes using this, firstly I tried out the aloo chat recipe which was given at the back of the box, I made a normal, simple raita and sprinkled it over it, I sprinkled it over onion and vege pakoras and it was indeed very good. 😀

My review about the chat/ raita masala-

The taste on the whole was very good. I had a taste of the spice blend and it was “chatpata”, just like how a chat masala should be. When you open the pack itself, you can smell the dry mango powder and coriander. The taste was tangy, with a slight hint of nutmeg and dry ginger. The proportion of dry mango to the other ingredients was spot on! Not too over powering and not too mild. The tanginess is also provided by the pomegranate rind. I don’t know if the others could taste it but I definitely sensed it. You can’t call it very strong sweet and sour flavour but it surely provided a small but right amount of sweet and sour feel which is very faint and hardly detected by most of the people. On the whole, I would say it is a good buy. A box would last you for a long time and the pricing is economical. 🙂

Here is the picture of the aloo chat made using the chat masala-


About the aloo chat, the taste on the whole was very profound. The chat masala provided a lovely tangy kick. The mint chutney provided the dish with freshness and the fried potato had a nice bite to it. It doesn’t taste anything like boiled or fried potato chat, it has a lot of flavour and everyone liked it a lot. 

Here is the picture of the raita which was topped with this spice blend-


I like my raita plain and simple. But I decided to sprinkle this raita masala over it and try it. I must say, it adds more flavour and depth to the plain raita. And I must add that this product is definitely the one of the better products that Eastern asked me to review. Among the others, some were good and some were mediocre whereas this one is certainly better than the rest. 🙂


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