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Product Review: Eastern’s Kitchen King

This kitchen king masala was also given in the box to review and I’m writing the review at the last because I wanted to try it out on many dishes. I added this powder to regular gravies to see the difference. Given below is the picture of a paneer and capsicum gravy with the addition of kitchen king.


Review of the powder is as follows

Colour– The powder has a very prominent yellow colour which is mainly due to the turmeric and I feel that it imparts a not so appealing yellow colour to white gravies rather than an orange tinge but it doesn’t affect tomato based gravies as the picture above. So I give the colour a 7.8 out of 10.

Taste– The powder imparts a lot of spice (Talking it terms of heat) and also an earthy turmeric flavour.The turmeric puts the flavour off many times when adding in mild gravies. The shahi paneer that they sent also had the turmeric to other spices ratio off. Smaller quantity of turmeric would make it a better product. Apart from that, it provides the gravy with a spicy, tangy taste. I find that it goes really well with mushroom and paneer because both of the ingredients shine best when the gravy is spicy and tangy. It is also a good addition to a green peas gravy. Although your gravy base has to be made in the right ratio of onions to tomatoes. The taste gets 8 out of 10

Texture– The powder is ground finely and not with specs of spices. Some people do not like the spices to be coarsely ground but I prefer my spices to be coarsely ground because when you grind it too finely you don’t get an idea of what went into it. A little coarsely ground masala will give you an idea of the spices that went to it and it also packs a bigger punch. So the texture gets 7.8 out of 10.

Overall a good buy if you are not upto making your own spices and do not want to add all the different powders separately. 



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