Orange Cake With Orange Drizzle (Egg-free)

I love the fruity, citrus-y flavour of oranges. I feel that oranges take any ordinary vanilla or chocolate cake to a completely new level. This particular cake is egg-free and butter-free. It is really soft, yet stable. The orange flavour shines throughout the cake which gives me another reason to love it!  🍊


Ingredients: (Yields 12-14 pieces)

For Orange Cake

  • Plain thick yogurt- 1 1/4 cup or 300 ml 
  • Granulated white sugar- ¾ cup+ 2 tablespoons or 178 grams
  • Baking powder- 1 1/4 teaspoon
  • Baking soda- ½ teaspoon
  • Vanilla extract- ½ teaspoon
  • Plain flour (maida/all purpose flour)- 1 and ¾ cup or 218 grams
  • Cornflour- 1 ½ teaspoon
  • Sunflower oil- 1/2 cup or 120 ml
  • Milk- 1/4 cup or 60 ml
  • Orange zest- 1 ½ teaspoon
  • Orange juice- 2 ½ tablespoon

For Orange Drizzle

  • Icing sugar- ¾ cup
  • Orange juice- 1 tablespoon


For Orange Cake

Preheat the oven to 180° C. Grease a 22 cm cake tin with a little sunflower oil and line the base of the tin with a disc of parchment/ butter paper. Slightly grease the paper as well. Add the yogurt to a clean bowl and beat it well. Add the granulated sugar to a dry food processor or mixer. Process until smooth and powdery. Add the powdered sugar to the yogurt and whisk for 2 minutes until the sugar has dissolved and you get a smooth mixture.

Orange Cake 1

To the yogurt sugar mixture, add the baking soda and baking powder. Whisk it lightly and let this mixture sit for 2-3 minutes undisturbed. After about 3 minutes, you will end up with a frothy mixture. This process ensures that the cake is soft and spongy.

Orange Cake frothing step 2

Add the vanilla and milk to the frothed mixture and mix gently. Sift the flour and cornflour into a clean dry bowl. Sift it again 3 more times. This will make the cake light and fluffy. Do not skip this step. Add the oil to the batter and fold the mixture very gently making cutting movements to prevent deflating of the batter. Make sure you do not over mix. Add the orange zest to the batter and mix gently.

Orange cake 3

Add the sifted flour to the batter in 3-4 batches and fold it in gently. Again make sure you do not over mix. But also make sure it is lump free. If you find any lumps, break it gently. Add the orange juice and mix again. Taste a small amount of batter and check if the orange flavour is prominent. If not, add a little bit more of zest. Pour it into the greased tin and bake in the oven for 28-30 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean and it is golden brown in colour. Once it has baked, remove it from the oven and allow it to cool in the tin for 5 minutes. Flip it onto a wire rack and allow it to cool completely. Make sure you peel off the parchment paper. Meanwhile, make the drizzle.

PicMonkey Collage


For the orange drizzle

Sift the icing sugar into a bowl. Add half of the orange juice and mix. Add the other half little by little and mix until you get a smooth yet thick drizzle. If you feel the drizzle is too thick, add a little bit more of orange juice and if it is too thin, add a tablespoon more of icing sugar.

Orange drizzle

Place the cake bottom side up on your serving plate. Drizzle the icing over the cake and serve. 🙂


Happy Baking! ❤️‍




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