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Batido De Papaya Y Mango (Latin American Papaya And Mango Smoothie)

Batido also known as “Licuado” is a Latin American beverage similar to a smoothie which is made with milk, fruit and crushed ice. They are also sometimes called “preparados”. The main difference between a licuado and an American-style smoothie is that licuados use a milk base with ice, whereas smoothies use fruit juice in combination with yogurt.
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Watermelon Agua Fresca

Earlier in my blog, I had posted a strawberry agua fresca but since it is summer and the temperature here is soaring beyond 40 degrees C, I decided to make a watermelon agua fresca. Apt for the weather and the season.
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Strawberry And Banana Breakfast Smoothie

Although I call this breakfast smoothie, I have it after lunch and even after dinner most of the times. This smoothie is so refreshing and yummy. The strawberry imparts it’s beautiful flavour while the banana makes the smoothie creamy. My dad loves this smoothie and when it is strawberry season, I end up making it twice or thrice every week.
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