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Fudgy Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies

Who doesn’t like a good brownie? I like mine fudgy and not very cakey. The top should have a lovely crisp crust and the brownie itself should be filled with bitter-sweet chocolate flavour. Make way for this super indulgent and divine brownie! This is a double chocolate, yes you read that right, double chocolate wanlut brownie. (As if chocolate flavour in one form wasn’t enough. But hey, chocolate doesn’t need any limit. ❤ ) 

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Mocha Strawberry Cake (Egg-free)

Since strawberries are in season, what better way than to use it in a cake? I find that strawberries go really well with chocolate and coffee and so I thought to combine all three to make this cake. I made a few small tweaks to my tried and tested eggless rich, fudgy chocolate cake recipe and viola! 😀
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Neapolitan Cake

This cake is something which I always wanted to try. The beauty of the three layers always caught my attention.. ❤ 

For those who do not know what a Neapolitan cake is, it is a cake with the 3 core flavours in all Neapolitan desserts- chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. And it is frosted with a white- pink icing. I used ermine buttercream or cooked flour buttercream because I find it less sweet, it has less butter than the AMBC or American buttercream which is loaded with sugar and butter and ermine buttercream is also more creamier. 😉 

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Vegan Healthy Chocolate Banana Cake

Rich, moist,  fudgy and chocolate-y! Banana+ Chocolate= Heaven on Earth. This cake is filled with all things good (health wise and taste wise) and it is very healthy. Forget your butter filled sponge and indulge in this rich, fudgy chocolate banana cake. It is made with 100% WHOLEWHEAT FLOUR! I am gonna stress on that part. It’s also butter-free and egg-free 😉
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Banana Chocolate Cak-ookie (Egg-free)

The little minion in me is going crazy. Like how the minions sing- “Ba ba ba ba banana… ba ba ba ba bananaaaaa!” Oh those cute lil’ creatures. They are indeed adorable. Well the truth is, there were lots of bananas lying around and I couldn’t resist making these cak-ookies.
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Banana Walnut/Almond Cake (Egg-free)

After a lot of requests for egg-free and vegan cake recipes, I present my banana walnut/almond cake. The cake base is butter-free, egg-free and pretty healthy as it’s made with mainly wholewheat flour.  It’s very soft and moist for an egg-free cake. This cake can be made into a banana loaf as well by simply baking it in a loaf tin.

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Chocolate-Tea Swirl Cake

As mentioned in my previous post, I had gone on a vacation to Ooty. Ooty is mainly known for two things- it’s cold climate and it’s tea! Not to forget the yummy homemade chocolates. 😉 Because we went by car, we could thoroughly enjoy the weather and the scenic drive. It was indeed beautiful- the misty mountains, green tea estates and tall splendid trees! 
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Orange And Dark Chocolate Cookies (Egg-free)

I just adore this combination! Orange and dark chocolate work exceptionally well together and compliment each other’s flavours. This classic combo has 3 basic ingredients found in every household (butter, sugar and flour). Next comes the flavouring provided by the orange zest and cubes of roughly chopped rich-dark chocolate. 🙂
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Easter Egg Nest Cake

Well, I’m a bit late. 😛 But who said that you need an occasion to bake a cake? Blogging is not really effortless, organising the pictures, typing…. Phew! Let me get back to the cake now. I made this cake on Easter and I’m really ecstatic about it. I was inspired by Martha Stewart’s chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate truffle eggs but I felt it would be too heavy on the chocolate. How ironic, too much of chocolate? 😀

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