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Eggless Wholewheat Banana Pancakes

A pancake is a flat round cake which is usually made of milk, eggs, flour and butter which is poured over a frying pan and cooked. It is often served with honey or maple syrup and a small square of butter. Some people like a berry compote with it too. While most pancake recipes call for eggs, I decided to make a not so conventional eggless banana pancake. These pancakes are not exactly like those fluffy, airy buttermilk pancakes, they are a little less fluffy because of the wholewheat but the taste is promising. This recipe can be veganised as well and I have mentioned how you can do that!

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Fudgy Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies

Who doesn’t like a good brownie? I like mine fudgy and not very cakey. The top should have a lovely crisp crust and the brownie itself should be filled with bitter-sweet chocolate flavour. Make way for this super indulgent and divine brownie! This is a double chocolate, yes you read that right, double chocolate wanlut brownie. (As if chocolate flavour in one form wasn’t enough. But hey, chocolate doesn’t need any limit. ❤ ) 

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Eggless Mango Cake

After posting my mango sponge cake recipe I got quite a few requests to make an eggless version and many asked for the substitutes for the eggs so they could make an egg-free version . So I did a few trials and calculations and modifications to get this eggless mango cake. It is not as spongy as the one having the eggs but it definitely is almost as good as that. Soft, moist and packed with mango flavour. For the flour mixture, I used half wholewheat flour and half plain flour but, you can use entirely plain flour (that’s 1 cup +1/4 cup) for a spongier cake.
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Mango Sponge Cake

I have been experimenting a lot to get the perfect, soft and spongy mango cake where the mango flavour shines. Often I find that the mango flavour is totally lost in the cake. I came across this method of cooking the mango puree in a baking group on facebook and it totally works. I had to tweak my regular sponge cake recipe quite a bit to achieve this but the result is spectacular. Perfect amount of sweetness, mango flavour being the hero, soft and spongy! 
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Chilli And Ginger Caramel Sauce

Who doesn’t love caramel? This is an Indian twist to the classic caramel. I was experimenting with a fusion tart called ‘Desi mango tart’ which is delicious and still needs a few little tweaks for the pastry and I came up with this chilli and ginger caramel for the filling. This caramel can be used for topping cakes and also for filling tarts. I find that it goes really well with mangoes and also with vanilla or chocolate. I also used it for topping a mango sponge cake and it tasted amazing with this caramel.

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Ricotta, Chocolate And Cherry Mini Tarts

Chocolate and cherries go so well together. Crumbly buttery tart shells filled with bitter-sweet dark chocolate, sweet vanilla flavoured ricotta cheese and topped with sweet and slightly tart cherries, it is indeed a beautiful combination. Just the other day I was watching Fox Traveler and Silvia Colloca was making this exceptional looking ricotta and cherry tart. There started the inspiration. She made an almond meal based pastry but I just opted for my good old shortcrust pastry recipe.

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Ghee And Cashew Loaf Cake

Ghee cake is a popular cake originally from Kerala, India. Ghee cake from the Cochin bakery is very popular and people go to extents to get a taste of it. This cake is inspired by that but made in my way. One thing I noticed was that the ghee cake recipes found on the internet seem to be quite standard and even the ratio of ingredients seem to be the same.
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Healthy Carrot And Cinnamon Cake

After the healthy chocolate beet cake, I got a few requests to make a healthy cake with another vegetable. I thought, what can be better than carrots? Carrots with cinnamon is a heavenly combination!  This cake is butter free, loaded with the goodness of carrots, walnuts, uses a blend of wholewheat flour, oat flour, ragi (red millet/ finger millet flour) along with a small amount of all purpose flour. 

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Watermelon Lime Granita

This is the season of all fruits delicious  and tropical! Summer is at it’s peak and the mercury is rising as if there is no tomorrow. It is also the season of my favourite watermelon, juicy, red and sweet watermelon. The fruit is so good on it’s own with a sprinkle of salt and pepper but it is even better when you make things like granita and agua fresca out of it. 
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Mango Lime Granita

It is officially mango season! The most apt thing for this summer seemed to be this mango and lime granita. Granita is a semi-frozen dessert made from sugar, water and various flavorings. Originally from Sicily, it is available all over Italy in somewhat different forms. Granita is very versatile and can be flavoured with almost any fruit like strawberry, lime, watermelon, mango.
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Mocha Strawberry Cake (Egg-free)

Since strawberries are in season, what better way than to use it in a cake? I find that strawberries go really well with chocolate and coffee and so I thought to combine all three to make this cake. I made a few small tweaks to my tried and tested eggless rich, fudgy chocolate cake recipe and viola! 😀
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How To Make: Ermine Buttercream (Cooked Flour Buttercream)

Ermine buttercream or cooked flour buttercream is probably my favourite type of buttercream. It is not like it’s counterpart the American Buttercream (AMBC) which is loaded with butter and sugar. This buttercream doesn’t sugar coat your mouth. at the same time it is creamy, rich and decadent. 😀

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Rose and Cardamom Cupcakes (Eggless)

This is probably the only cupcake which I have without frosting. The cupcakes on their own are really flavourful and delicious. I love to have them while they are still warm with a cup of warm green tea or just chai. If you want to frost them, just frost them with whipped cream flavoured with a pinch of cardamom powder and it’s going to be delicious! It’s soft, fluffy and moist.
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Strawberry ‘N’ Cream Cake (Egg-free)

It’s been a year now since I started blogging. Time sure does run fast. When I started blogging in Jan 2015, I knew that it would be a little hectic for me because 2015 and 2016 is another stepping stone in my life with my 12th board exam down the line. But I think, I’m doing justice to the blog and my studies.
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Orange Cake With Orange Drizzle (Egg-free)

I love the fruity, citrus-y flavour of oranges. I feel that oranges take any ordinary vanilla or chocolate cake to a completely new level. This particular cake is egg-free and butter-free. It is really soft, yet stable. The orange flavour shines throughout the cake which gives me another reason to love it!  🍊
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