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How To Make: Ermine Buttercream (Cooked Flour Buttercream)

Ermine buttercream or cooked flour buttercream is probably my favourite type of buttercream. It is not like it’s counterpart the American Buttercream (AMBC) which is loaded with butter and sugar. This buttercream doesn’t sugar coat your mouth. at the same time it is creamy, rich and decadent. ­čśÇ

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How To Make: HoneyComb

While all other people fancy pearls, diamonds and gold, I fancy honeycomb. It’s like a jewel sparkling in my jewellery box, waiting to be devoured. It’s amber colour and shine makes me go weak at the┬áknees. ­čśŹ┬á
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How To Make: Shortcrust Pastry

Shortcrust pastry is something which is very basic and used as the base for most of the tarts and pies. I make pies and quiches quite often and I always use my go-to shortcrust pastry recipe. The reason why people often struggle with it is because it might be soft or difficult to handle. Here are few things that I am listing out to get a flaky, crisp pastry every time-
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How To Make: Marzipan (Uncooked Version)

This uncooked version of marzipan is so easy to make and is perfect for shaping and making creative, miniature figures. It has only 3 ingredients which are always available. The base being ground almonds. I usually make my own ground almonds and it takes very little time. 
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How to Make: A Tomato Rose

Tomato roses or tomato flowers are mainly used for the purpose of beautification. It adds a different aspect and makes your dish have a better appeal. ­čÖé Making it isn’t difficult at all, all you need is a very sharp knife and little patience of course!┬áFruit carving/ vegetable carving is an art worth your time and effort. Continue reading “How to Make: A Tomato Rose”

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How To Make: Tandoori Powder

In India, we don’t stick to one recipe. We Indians like to do it a “little” differently. Each recipe varies from one generation to another and┬áperson to person. Indian food is often thought as complicated and balancing between the spices can be a task for some. It is not everyday that a person grinds spices for the blends but it is definitely worth making on special occasions.┬á
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