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Baked, Pumpkin And Ricotta Stuffed Cannelloni

This baked, pumpkin and ricotta stuffed cannelloni dish is very subtle, mildly spiced but packed with flavour. The filling consists of yellow/orange pumpkin which provides the filling with a little sweet taste,  ricotta, walnuts (almonds can also be used insead) and rosemary. The cannelloni’s are stuffed with the filling and topped with a smooth and creamy béchamel sauce and more cheese.  It is baked till the pasta is cooked, the sauce is bubbling and the top has turned golden brown.

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Italian · Pasta, Stews and Casseroles

Spaghetti Al Limone Con Fungo (Spaghetti With Lemon And Mushroom)

Spaghetti al limone is a classic Italian pasta dish which consists of very basic ingredients like spaghetti, olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon and parmesan cheese. It is extremely easy to make and very quick as well.

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Italian · Pasta, Stews and Casseroles

Baked Ricotta & Spinach Stuffed Cannelloni

Ricotta and spinach are like best friends. They always gel well together and compliment each other in the best possible way! This pasta bake is perfect for any weekend dinner. Who doesn’t like a pasta bake? It’s easy to make and since it’s made in one big baking dish, it is a  family style dish. It’s rustic but at the same time very impressive. The cannelloni or tube pasta is filled with a ricotta, mozzarella and spinach filling that is lightly flavoured with nutmeg. It is then covered generously with a delicious, yet simple tomato basil sauce, topped with more mozzarella because why not? Finally it’s baked to a bubbling golden brown perfection.

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Caprese Style Camembert Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

I feel over the top while writing this blog post! As I mentioned in my previous post, my brother has come from Germany to spend his vacation with us which is one great reason. Apart from that, he also got me some lovely cheese from there which adds to the happiness. Along with the fresh mozzarella (That I used to make the Caprese salad), he also got me Camembert, young Gouda and Emmentaler. As if that wasn’t enough for me to feel ecstatic, there is another good news which is like cherry on the cake! Or rather like cheese on toast 😜

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Italian · Salads

Insalata Caprese / Caprese Salad

Insalata caprese meaning “Salad of Capri” or caprese salad is a simple Italian salad made of sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella (preferably buffalo mozzarella), and basil leaves. It is seasoned with salt and pepper and drizzled with olive oil. It is supposed to represent the colors of the Italian flag, that is red, white and green. In Italy, it is usually served as an antipasto (starter) and not as a contorno (side dish). Continue reading “Insalata Caprese / Caprese Salad”

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Ricotta, Chocolate And Cherry Mini Tarts

Chocolate and cherries go so well together. Crumbly buttery tart shells filled with bitter-sweet dark chocolate, sweet vanilla flavoured ricotta cheese and topped with sweet and slightly tart cherries, it is indeed a beautiful combination. Just the other day I was watching Fox Traveler and Silvia Colloca was making this exceptional looking ricotta and cherry tart. There started the inspiration. She made an almond meal based pastry but I just opted for my good old shortcrust pastry recipe.

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Watermelon Lime Granita

This is the season of all fruits delicious  and tropical! Summer is at it’s peak and the mercury is rising as if there is no tomorrow. It is also the season of my favourite watermelon, juicy, red and sweet watermelon. The fruit is so good on it’s own with a sprinkle of salt and pepper but it is even better when you make things like granita and agua fresca out of it. 
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Mango Lime Granita

It is officially mango season! The most apt thing for this summer seemed to be this mango and lime granita. Granita is a semi-frozen dessert made from sugar, water and various flavorings. Originally from Sicily, it is available all over Italy in somewhat different forms. Granita is very versatile and can be flavoured with almost any fruit like strawberry, lime, watermelon, mango.
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Neapolitan Cake

This cake is something which I always wanted to try. The beauty of the three layers always caught my attention.. ❤ 

For those who do not know what a Neapolitan cake is, it is a cake with the 3 core flavours in all Neapolitan desserts- chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. And it is frosted with a white- pink icing. I used ermine buttercream or cooked flour buttercream because I find it less sweet, it has less butter than the AMBC or American buttercream which is loaded with sugar and butter and ermine buttercream is also more creamier. 😉 

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Spaghetti Aglio E Olio Pepperoncino

Spaghetti Aglio E Olio Pepperoncino simply means spaghetti with garlic, olive oil and dried red chilli flakes. This is my go-to, easiest pasta recipe! Perfect for making during unexpected visits from friends and relatives. It is undoubtedly easy and simple to make, even for a midnight snack. 😉
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Italian · Mains

Rustic-Healthy Crescent Shaped Pesto Calzone

Calzone is an Italian folded pizza which originated in Naples. It resembles a half moon and is stuffed with sauce, cheese, meat and vegies. I made these calzones in a crescent shape like the shape of a croissant. They look really applealing and taste amazing.
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Italian · Salads

Panzanella (Italian Bread Salad)

Panzanella is a classic Tuscan style salad made with slightly stale bread, fresh ripe tomatoes and basil leaves. The Italians don’t like to waste anything and this salad really proves that. Back in the olden days, panzanella was based on onions as well. Modern versions seldom use onions!
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Pesto And Grilled Vege Slider

Getting inspired by a particular cuisine is something which is very essential to come up with new recipes. My Italian inspired grilled slider is something that I always wanted to try. Basil, being my favourite Italian ingredient, not only has an amazing flavour but also has many medicinal properties incuding anti-bacterial properties, controlling the level of blood sugar and surprisingly controls your stress level. 😀

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