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Mocha Strawberry Cake (Egg-free)

Since strawberries are in season, what better way than to use it in a cake? I find that strawberries go really well with chocolate and coffee and so I thought to combine all three to make this cake. I made a few small tweaks to my tried and tested eggless rich, fudgy chocolate cake recipe and viola! 😀
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Strawberry Agua Fresca

Agua fresca is a combination of fruits blended with sugar, honey, lime juice and water to make a refreshing non-alcoholic drink. It is very popular in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. You may, if you wish call it a fruit flavoured lemonade. 
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Strawberry ‘N’ Cream Cake (Egg-free)

It’s been a year now since I started blogging. Time sure does run fast. When I started blogging in Jan 2015, I knew that it would be a little hectic for me because 2015 and 2016 is another stepping stone in my life with my 12th board exam down the line. But I think, I’m doing justice to the blog and my studies.
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Strawberry And Banana Breakfast Smoothie

Although I call this breakfast smoothie, I have it after lunch and even after dinner most of the times. This smoothie is so refreshing and yummy. The strawberry imparts it’s beautiful flavour while the banana makes the smoothie creamy. My dad loves this smoothie and when it is strawberry season, I end up making it twice or thrice every week.
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Neapolitan Cake

This cake is something which I always wanted to try. The beauty of the three layers always caught my attention.. ❤ 

For those who do not know what a Neapolitan cake is, it is a cake with the 3 core flavours in all Neapolitan desserts- chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. And it is frosted with a white- pink icing. I used ermine buttercream or cooked flour buttercream because I find it less sweet, it has less butter than the AMBC or American buttercream which is loaded with sugar and butter and ermine buttercream is also more creamier. 😉 

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Classic Scones With Homemade Strawberry Jam And Cream

Well, what can be better than classic, good-old scones with a lovely homemade strawberry jam and whipped cream? Tea time, being very popular in the UK consists of such amazing delights which bring together people. Scones being ever so famous and dead simple to make, takes only 20-25 minutes. While the scones are baking you can
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